About the Author

Michael Mills

In the East there are centuries of teaching about the journey toward non-dualism. I came at it from the west. After a stint in the mining industry working as a geologist, I decided I needed to figure out how I fit in the greater scheme of things and so I went to seminary. It was my first contact with the Christian church. Had I grown up in a Buddhist nation, undoubtedly I would have gone into the monastery. “When in Rome,” as the saying goes. I was ordained in the Lutheran tradition of catholic Christianity, and for twenty years served parishes in Vancouver, Kitchener and Toronto.  My work as a theologian introduced me to Vedanta. After leaving the church, I began to engage the teaching as a practice. Practice for me has always been about freedom from suffering, and my written reflections focus on the role that the body plays, via release of samsara, in the process of coming to non-dualistic consciousness.