About the Author

Michael Mills | Writer | Photographer

In the East there are centuries of teaching about the journey toward non-dualism. I came at it from the west. After a stint in the mining industry working as a geologist, I decided I needed to figure out how I fit in the greater scheme of things and so I went to seminary. It was my first contact with the Christian church. Had I grown up in a Buddhist nation, undoubtedly I would have gone into the monastery. “When in Rome,” as the saying goes. I was ordained in the Lutheran tradition of catholic Christianity, and for twenty years served parishes in Vancouver, Kitchener and Toronto.  My work as a theologian introduced me to Vedanta. After leaving the church, I began to engage the teaching as a practice. Practice for me has always been about freedom from suffering, and my written reflections focus on the role that the body plays in the process of coming to non-dualistic consciousness.

Of course, one has to work, so I sharpened my artistic career and continued to explore the interconnection between matter and spirit. In my photography I try to capture something of the life force by which ordinary bodies are animated.